1. Brief introduction of the company
VisBlue is a Danish/Portuguese spinout company from Aarhus University and the University of Porto, founded by Adelio Mendes, Anders Bentien, Morten Madsen, and Søren Bødker in 2014. VisBlue specialises in renewable energy storage in the form of vanadium redox flow batteries.

2. Brief introduction of the technology/product
The VisBlue Battery Solution is a self-developed battery, based on redox flow technology. The battery can store the solar energy you produce in a day and save it for later use. This makes it possible for the consumer to save money on grid purchase. Furthermore, the technology behind the vanadium redox flow battery is safe and does not contain volatile compounds of lithium, cobalt and nickel as other types of batteries do.

3. The advantages of the technology
The VisBlue Battery Solution has multiple benefits. First and foremost, the battery has a lifetime of 20+ years, and is built of modules and is therefore scalable and can be tailormade to fit your need. Furthermore, the battery enables grid purchase savings and the possibility of monitoring and control. A large part of the battery is recyclable, making it a sustainable energy storage option. Finally, the battery is non-flammable and non-explosive, as it consists mostly of water.

4. Application Field
Production industries, off-grid sites, UPS/backup systems, housing associations, and wind turbines. Available both for outdoor and indoor use.

5. Contact:

See the Visblue video here