Market Intelligence

  • Market study for the Nordic company and products, for instance market barriers, relevant regulation in China, required product certification.
  • Feasibility study for the Nordic company and their products.
  • Company strategy for entering into China market, roadmap for market development strategy.
  • China local partner match-making.

Business development

  • Establish partnerships between China and Nordic companies.
  • Initiating match-making seminar and workshop.
  • Facilitating Sino-Nordic business relationship on business, university and government level.
  • Marketing of the Nordic products in China, for instance specific exhibition, Chinese homepage, brochure and other marketing materials.

Product development

  • Related regulation/standard in China market.
  • Market requirement or market investigation for specific product.
  • Product adaption to China market.
  • The product market testing and certification in China.

Product sales agent

Sales agent for selected Nordic products;

Sales work activities in China – and Nordic market