Jusatek Systems Oy

Brief introduction and background

Jusatek started on construction building business, on field of factory maintenance, later on construction building site maintenance and operation. It lead on an position of manufacturing and developing dry-mix material handling system with several big domestic builders in Finland and Scandinavian area (YIT, Peab-Seicon, SRV, LUJA-group) and sub-contractors. Later on we made ”Tailor-made” solution (Mortar, plaster, floor finishing) for Luja-Group. Only qualified Originale Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) was used (with our experience and practice). The experience was used to develop automated modular process container MC10.

We started from site silos (1), made them semi-automated (2) and developed automed modular process container MC10 (3)

Brief introduction of the technology and product

What: Full package (Dry-mix material + machinery = Jusatek Systems™ Partnership) service

To Whom: Construction builders, sub-contractor, Dry-mix material manufacturers

How: Package delivered & served at construction site, builders buy ready surface instead of material, machinery and other stuff,customers can start with low investment (see further  Jusatek System™ Partnership concept)

Image: “Lower Operation cost – More Productivity” less waste and clean environment


The advantage of the technology:

Jusatek Systems™ partnership is new service concept, which kind does not exist in China (India).Local manufacturers are focused on equipment/machinery manufacturing, forgetting the service. This is a potential possibility to Jusatek Systems MC10. By automated mixing & transferring technology have huge potential, while the labor costs are still rising, need for efficient and faster way of handling dry-material are required. Not to remember that open process of mixing and pumping dry material are on most Chinese cities prohibited by law. Our system is closed process from the silo filling, mixing and pumping wet mortar, plaster and floor fillers on site.

Jusatek Systems™MC-10 has several exceptional features vs. competitors:

  • Integrated ensemble, which keeps the working site cleaner and saves from manual operations
  • Integrated lifter to fill in the dry-mix material on site
  • Weather protection for open air condition do vary
  • Material loss can be avoided by using big package (1.000 kgs) instead of small package (25 kgs).
  • Less waste producing can be avoided
  • Independent water & pressure supply and for controlled feeding
  • Tools and devices can be stored on same place, controlled and safe
  • Maintenance service can be done controlled, due  SCU-unit control and follow-up
  • Energy & space saving by a modular, compact unit
  • Low operation cost will reflect directly to huge productivity’s


Application Field:

Jusatek Systems MC10 aplication areas:


Contact information:

Mr. Jussi Salminen
CEO, Co-founder, B.Sc. of Eng.
Mobile: +358 40 55 65 085
Jusatek Technologies Oy ltd – Finland
e-mail: jussisalminen@kolumbus.fi