Brief introduction of Ecovent company:
EcoVents products are based on more than 10 years of development in balanced ventilation with heat recovery, and business has thereby gained great expertise and developed products with remarkable high efficiencies. EcoVent can now offer a series of products that provide a comfortable indoor climate without high electricity bills, noise and drag and with a recovery rate close to 90%. The fans used for extraction and supply a very low power consumption. EcoVent use of heat exchangers for the counterflow principle, which is the most efficient system. Counter flow heat exchanger is designed to near optimum for an air / air heat exchanger.
In 2003, EcoVent developed a new type of only 26 cm thick room based aggregate for balanced ventilation with heat recovery, for example, can be placed in a partition. Type is completed and comes in several versions.


Brief introduction of the technology
EcoVent was in the early 1990s chosen to supply the first ventilation systems with balanced heat recovery for the German passive houses. I was the four first passive house in Darmstadt, which was established in 1993.
In 2005 EcoVent supplied ventilation systems with balanced heat recovery for the first passive house project in Denmark. It was in the Danish city Naestved.


The advantages of the technology:
1) High heat recovery efficiency, around 95%
2) Low energy consumption, energy efficiency
3) Easy installation
4) Modular concept, to customize solutions


Application Field
Housing, Offices, Schools, Institutions, Factories.
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