Brief introduction of AndersenB2B:
AndersenB2B links Danish suppliers to its vast pool of foreign companies to provide easy access to new business partners and export clients. Access to new markets has never been easier. Danish companies with an interest in pursuing business opportunities abroad, but not yet involved, or companies fully engaged and with an interest in expanding their market reach, the AndersenB2B platform is an easy gateway. Each member company will have its own Community Manager searching for new global business opportunities.For foreign companies, AndersenB2B is an easy accessible portal to identify relevant and professional suppliers of technology, equipment and machinery as well sourcing partners or simply professional Danish companies on the look out for a business partnership in the given market. Our objective is straight forward: We aim to provide you with access to business, markets and financing. Foreign companies are invited to upload a project request HERE after which the team behind AndersenB2B starts searching for Danish suppliers matching the request.

Brief introduction to the concept:
Each of the member companies will have their own Community Manager who is responsible for managing the companies’ interests. The Community Manager matches the Danish company with potential clients and business partners. Moreover, the Community Manager is screening the market for relevant news and market information valuable for the company. When a foreign company is uploading a request on AndersenB2B, the Community Managers start searching for potential Danish suppliers in its network.

The advantages of AndersenB2B:
1) Strong global business network
2) Active B2B matching between Danish and foreign companies
3) More than 15 years of experience with internationalisation of Danish SMEs.
4) Customized solution for each member company
5) Free project upload for foreign companies

Application Field
Food, Agriculture, FMCGs, Processing industries, Fishing technology, Maritime, ICT, Aid & disaster relief, Water technology, Automation & robotics.