Brief introduction of Visility company
Visility has developed solutions for the smart home since 2008. Our platform integrates ventilation, heat, light, metering etc. With the platform, the users get a unified interface for monitoring and controlling the installation. In addition, we can host vertical applications that integrate these different systems to gain better performance or create new features. Our cloud storage can store data for later analyses and our cloud interface makes it possible to connect other cloud services for real-time exchange.

Our platform may be used for residential usage, for home management, but is also ready for smart city applications. Other applications are classroom, meeting rooms and offices.

Our platform has 3 parts. First is our gateway connecting diverse installations, our cloud for configuration, data storage and external connectivity. Last part is our flexible smartphone app.

Brief introduction of the technology
Our cloud services are hosted in Microsoft Azure, making it very saleable.

The advantages of the technology:
Flexible architecture, easing integration of new systems. Open interfaces for external integration

Application Field
Smart-home projects in the field of office control, meeting rooms, schools, smart-city