Nittedal Torvindustri AS and ”Nittedals Taktorv ®” – Nittedals Roofing Turf

  • Nittedal Torvindustri AS in Norway – established in 1948 and is producing a wide range of natural growth sustrates
  • Introduced in 1988 Nittedals Taktorv ® – ”Nittedals Roofing turf” – a modern turf product supporting the establishment of traditional green roof also on modern buildings in urban environments
  • Turf for roofs are normally available as loose bulk material – Nittedals Roofing Turf is packed in unique mesh bags which you can put directly on the roof securing very EASY INSTALLATION











Nittedals Taktorv® – Nittedals Roofing Turf, a perfect growth substance for an improved intensive green roof

  • Delay and reduces the flow of rainwater from your roof
  • Creates and green active and useable surface to the benefit of humans, birds and insects
  • Supporting biological diversity and ecological balance also in urban areas
  • Absorbing carbon dioxide, dust and other particles giving improved air quality in urban areas
  • Reduce the buildings energy cost, reduce indoor and outdoor noice and stabilise outdoor temprature
  • Very cost effective compared with almost all other greenroofs










Nittedals Taktorv® – Nittedals Roofing Turf

  • Turf packed in unique Mesh bags, 700mm x 450mm x 170mm
  • Available with or without a natural seed mix in the bag
  • Normally supplyed as 36 bags on pallet (11 sqm)
  • Bag weight of 17 kg securing easy transoprtation up to the roof and easy handling
  • 3,2 – 3,5 bags per sqm, depending on the roof angle
  • Normal weight of the commercial product:
    ca 55 kg/sqm
  • Weight of product saturated with water:
    ca. 130 kg/sqm
  • Scientifically documented product

Business contact

Aarbogh Business Partner ApS
Att. Terje Aarbogh
Junggreensvej 1, DK 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Email: terje.aarbogh@nittedals.dk
Phone: +45 21744739
Webpage: www.nittedals.dk

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