Skaala – Windows of the future are here today

60 years old Skaala is a Finnish family owned company and one of the largest window, door and glazing solutions service provider in the Nordic countries. In Skaala strong tradition and expertise in woodworking industry meet modern production methods and pioneering product solutions. Sustainable values create the core of Skaala’s business fundaments and strategy.

Skaala´s operations are strongly based on constant development and internationalization. Skaala works through its own country offices in the exports in Sweden and in the UK. Skaala is also running an individual window manufacturing unit in St. Petersburg, serving the local market in Russia.

Skaala has chosen to be the pioneer on the market in developing and producing energy-efficient window and door solutions. With smart investments to cleantech, Skaala will increase its production, decrease its carbon footprint and achieve energy savings. Besides that window and door solutions are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, also operations in Skaala´s factories and on the sites are designed and executed in a way to minimize the strain on the environment.

With Skaala´s new glass technology investment, it is possible to process thinner glass, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in production. Skaala Less Is More – SLIM – points out the key elements: thinner glass reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions and offers sustainability in building solutions. With smart innovations Skaala is able to achieve energy savings, CO2 emission reductions, increased production and new jobs, all at the same time.


Skaala Alfa cLean
Skaala Alfa cLean ventilation window enables high-quality indoor air for everyone, regardless of the housing type. Skaala Alfa cLean is a unique product that combines Skaala´s energy efficient window and an intelligent ventilation system.

When conducting a window renovation with Skaala Alfa cLean ventilation windows the appearance of the building does not change: all the functions are integrated into the window. There is no need for extra work or separate piping when windows are installed. The automatic ventilation adjusts the indoor air to the desired state based on humidity and carbon dioxide level. There also is an option to adjust the ventilation with a control panel integrated into each window. The solution is suitable for a single room or an entire building.

Skaala Alfa cLean window means
– Clean indoor air intelligently: This intelligent system takes care of the ventilation and the indoor air quality independently. Problems caused by moisture and temperature changes are eliminated by controlled removal of the condense and automatic defrost.

– Heat recovery: The heat from outgoing air is salvaged with very high efficiency. Most of the room temperature does not escape and returns with the incoming air.
– Energy-efficient package: Skaala’s energy-efficient window combined with heat recovery and a controlled intelligent ventilation system leads to substantial savings in heating costs. Skaala Alfa cLean is a unique solution.

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