Robot at Work

1. Brief introduction of the company
Robot at Work is a robotic company founded in 2015 operating primarily within the building and construction industry. We strive to be first supplier of a cost-effective, modular and easy-to-use robotic platform enabling on-site automation within construction


2. Brief introduction of the technology/product
Robot at Work robotic platform is a modular rail system that can be applied on larger surfaces and facades with numerous automated application. Thanks to the flexibility of the modular robotic platform and our intuitive, easy-to-program software interface, we can offer economic viable automation in numerous areas within construction.

The cutting edge intuitive tablet-based software gives you the opportunity to quickly put the platform to use.
Our software gives you the opportunity to directly program the robot from drawings in Fusion 360, Autodesk, and REVIT without prior robotic education and training.


3. The advantages of the technology
The Robotics platform from Robot at Work give companies access to all the benefits of advanced robotic automation, with none of the extra costs associated with traditional robot programming, set-up, and difficult programming.
A lot of robotics solution are limited to a specific application, our modular platform can easily be re-deployed to additional application without extensive hardware changes and software reprogramming giving our customers the opportunity to apply one RAW platform to different operations on-site.


4. Application Field
When we say the RAW platform can automate virtually anything, we mean virtually anything; from assembly to painting, spraying mortar/putz for rendering, milling, 3D printing, cutting different types of materials and plates, lifting heavy loads, whatever other processing task you can think of.


5. Attached document/videos
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