Genano Company-Innovative Air Decontamination TechnologyGenano Company-Innovative Air Decontamination TechnologyGenano Ltd is a high technology company founded in 1999 in Finland. Genano’s expertise in air decontamination is used in various areas where ultrapure air is needed, for example in hospitals, laboratories, dental laboratories, industrial complexes and buildings suffering from so-called sick building syndrome. The unique Genano Technology® decontaminates air from particles, down to nanosize. The patented technology also eliminates microbes such as viruses, bacteria and mould from the air, and removes gases and odours. We have over one thousand installations around the world including solutions for hospitals and laboratories in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.Genano is active in more than 20 countries around the world. International sales are mostly realized by our dedicated local partners. The Genano headquarters are located in Finland and other offices in Sweden and Belgium.Our products are designed and manufactured in Finland.Find out more:  


Focus Area:

– Hospital Air Purification: In hospitals we focus on airborne infection isolation and protective environment rooms. Genano can also protect critical areas, such as ORs and ICUs, from airborne pathogens.

In recent years we have collaborated to stop the MERS virus epidemic in Saudi Arabia. With the help of Genano it has been possible to build new isolation rooms quickly to stop the virus from spreading. The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has given an official recommendation for using Genano air decontamination units in combatting MERS in hospitals.

– Indoor air purification: Air pollution is the world’s largest single environmental risk and causes 7 million premature deaths every year. Genano air decontamination units clear the air from particles down to 3 nanometers.Poor indoor air quality caused by sick building syndrome is a big health risk. Genano units are used as a first aid for people in problematic buildings.

– Laboratory Air Purification: In laboratories our strength is removing nanosized particles from the air. With our help, you can make sure the quality of your production stays high and your employees are well protected.Our clients include, for example, laboratories specialized in DNA-based products. For them it is vital that contamination of products does not take place via air. With Genano air decontamination units this is possible.

– Industrial Solutions: We also offer industrial solutions for welding companies and workshops. Metal processing and welding release a large number of harmful particles and fumes in the air. With Genano you can protect your employees and production.

We are also specialized in the cleaning of industrial waste gases.
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