Brief introduction of Factotech company
Since the start in 2002 Factotech have been specializing in developing Knowledge Based Configuration software systems based on Autodesks Inventor ETO (Engineer-to-order) technology. Our target is to automate the overall business process with our customers in relation to order execution from sales to final delivery.

Brief introduction of the technology
We have created a modular software platform targeted the building and construction industry, prepared for being implemented as stand-alone, as web server and web server farms implementations, as well as in mobile applications. The technology has tight integrations to the most widely used and market leading CAD and BIM products from Autodesk (Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor and more).

The platform combines business critical information into one integrated model that can automate the ETO process in relation to Configuration, Engineering and Geometry.

The advantages of the technology
The Autodesk Inventor ETO technology is recognized as one of the best and most extensive technologies on the market for capturing and re-using knowledge in relation to engineering, product design and process automation.

Application field
Building systems, Building components, Elevators / stairs, Material handling & storage, Industrial machinery, Industrial components, Process equipment, Electrical Components, Pneumatic & Hydraulic, Cranes & Lifts, Automotive, Transportation, Space planning and layout, Water distribution and filtration, Power distribution, Facade systems, Doors/windows, Ventilation, Heating, Wind / solar, Prefab components, Concrete / brick systems




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