Brief Introduction of BioKube Company

Biokube is a Danish company which is founded in 2004 as a research company to develop and design a biological treatment system according to the “EU Clean Water Directive”.

Biokube offers a modular waste water treatment system with three strong patents.The system philosophy: Waste water shall be treated where it is generated.

Now, more than 5,000 Biokube decentralized waste water treatment solutions has been installed in 43 countries.

Biokube Technology

Biokube waste water treatment solution applies natural occurring bacteria that degrade organic content over time when it is supplied with sufficient oxygen.

Here is the overview of Biokube waste water treatment:

A.   Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF) is the heart of the biological treatment solution.

B.   The Clarifier tank ensures low SS by settling biological sludge.

C.   Bio-sludge is continuously removed to the septic tank.

Biokube waste water treatment solution offer high efficiency to remove BOD, COD,NH4 and SS. The water from the solution is clean and safe to discharge to the lake and river.

Bikube products

Biokube offers many sizes of waste water systems. The systems range in size from single household units(1m³/day) up to systems cleaning 2,000 m³/day.

All Biokube systems are based on the same technology allowing for modular build up and applications for any cleaning demands, volumes and requirement.

The advantages of Biokube waste water treatment solution

  • Modular plug-play solution, very fast construction time.
  • No noise & No smell, easy operation and easy maintenance.
  • Intelligent on-line control system.
  • Superior bio-media with consistent high performance. The Super bio-media is an open strong bio structure and non-degradable.

Application Fields

Biokube waste water treatment solution could be installed in local area without a municipality infrastructure support for the waste water treatment. The solution is targeted:

  • Household,
  • Holiday resorts
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Decentralized community waste water treatment.