1. Brief introduction of the company

Amovido A/S ( is a Danish Construction company, that manufacture sustainable modular houses in a factory. They have a factory in Jutland of 4.000m2.

The basis of  our company profile is the belief that a sustainable life lived in community will become the preferred living choice in the near future. Therefore, we design and construct sustainable houses and communities with a strong focus on ressource optimization through prefabrication.

Amovido differs from other housing concepts in that it is built in a mass customized platform, that can meet the modern family’s individual wishes and requirements for the future of the home, in relation to functions in space, environment, design, aesthetics and total economy. Below is a clarification of the innovative elements in the housing platform.

  1. Economy. Amovido’s business-creating moment breaks with building traditions, by being platform-oriented and focusing on continuous additional sales of services, rather than one-off sales of static solutions.
  2. Flexible. Each villa/dwelling is tailored specifically to the buyer’s wishes in relation to everything from the composition of rooms, to the pattern on the wall and the technological solutions. The house can thus be scaled according to the individual’s needs, financial space and geographical location.
  1. Environmentally. By reaping the benefits of standardization / modularization and configurable production of green system products, Amovido makes the home financially competitive in relation to competing solutions and thus a competitive advantage in creating green sustainable urban development in China. Environmental buildings refer to energy efficiency, sustainable materials and recycling water and waste treatment in the building.
  2. Well-being. Amovido creates a balance between healthy indoor climate, spaciousness, nature and functionality. Competing modular and prefabricated concepts focus only to a limited extent on completing all these aspects. Total integration is usually reserved for expensive self-built solutions (unique construction).


  1. Brief introduction of the technology/product

Amovido consists in its simplicity of 3 individual basic modules (CUBEONE, CUBETWO & CUBETHREE), which is put into serial production. It is possible to assemble the modules across the different CUBE, thus creating several square meters, but also “crooked” and alternative designs.   The interior furnishings can accommodate flexible solutions in the form of altered designs or personal touches. Likewise, the exterior finished design may vary as needed, and thus satisfy both the end user and the surrounding environment. Amovido use SIP panel (PUR with cement plate) as bearing structure with insulation material, that is very sustainable and energy efficient. The SIP panels  reduces the width of the walls, which increases the efficiency net m2 of living space, up to 8%. This means, for example. that a CUBETWO student housing, delivers 2.6 m2 more space, compared to traditional building methods.


Our construction method is approved according to critical cover test EN 14135 and fire classified according to international REI 60/90 standard.


  1. The advantages of the technology

It is not only the increased insulation value and the reduced CO2 emissions that do Amovido as a sustainable concept. PUR insulation is very durable. Panels and buildings that are more than 50 years old – is still intact. Amovido has developed elements with a view to being easily recyclable. Amovido is working towards a concept called “Crush Your House”, so the house can  be recycled. Already today, PUR insulation is crushed and used as insulation in construction. The Amovido elements consist of cement slabs, wood-/or composite structure and PUR. When the elements are crushed, it is removed first electric cables, windows etc. Thereafter, the crushed elements will be used for floor elements and non-load-bearing internal wall elements. The “old” houses are simply fully reclaimed production of new elements. The concept of “Crush-your-house, from cradle to cradle” is thereby environmentally correct. The circle is complete. It is sustainability and innovative housing platform.

  1. Application Field

The modular buildings can be used across sectors, like villa, townhouses, apartments, office buildings, schools etc.

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