Brief introduction of Air0 company:

Air0 Ltd. uses its patent pending technology in order to offer Finnish air quality around the world. This technology is based on 30 years of study and experience about aerosol physics and particles.
This expertise has now been harnessed into two different products, smAIRt1200 meant for spaces up to 120 square meters and smAIRt600 meant for spaces up to 60 square meters. Both of these products will remove particles (even ultrafine particles, so PM0.1. which are the most harmful particles for human beings), VOC’s, bacteria, viruses and smoke, in order to guarantee that you can breathe safe.


Brief introduction of the technology:

Air0 Ltd. utilizes electrical enhancing with filters. This patent pending technology guarantees the best possible result. The technology has been tested and verified by the National Research Institute of Finland.


The advantages of the technology:

1. Very high filtration efficiency, even for ultrafine particles (PM0.1.)

2. Very high air flow through the purifiers, thus enabling
fast and thorough purification even for big spaces

3. Low maintenance costs

4. Low power consumption

5. Low noise level


Application Field:

Any indoor space