1. Brief introduction of the company公司简介

Absolicon is a listed Swedish solar energy company, specializing in concentrated solar heating. The solar collector T160 operates up to 160°C and has the highest optical efficiency ever measured for a commercially available small parabolic trough. After achieving groundbreaking performance, Absolicon has built two robotized production lines, one in Sweden and one in China that can produce 50 MWp(th) annually, one 5.5 m2 solar collector every six minutes. The company combines solar energy research with sales of solar collector fields to industries that need heat and steam and complete robotic production lines for T160.

Absolicon是一家在瑞典上市的太阳能公司,专门从事集中式太阳能采暖。其太阳能收集器T160可在高达160℃的温度下运行,并具有可商购小型抛物槽式集热器所测得的最高光学效率。在取得突破性的性能成果后,Absolicon建成了两条自动化生产线,一条在瑞典,一条在中国,每年产量达50 兆瓦(MWp),每六分钟生产一台5.5m2的太阳能集热器。公司结合太阳能研究与太阳能集热器领域的销售,以满足需要热和蒸汽以及完整的T160机器人生产线的需求。


2. Brief introduction of the technology/product技术/产品简介

Absolicon is a world-wide supplier of robotic production lines that produces the best solar thermal troughs in the market. If our technology should cover the expected demands from the market we must have domestic productions worldwide to achieve good lead times, competitive prices and reduce the costs of logistics and customs. We are the only company in the world that do offer this solution.
Our solar collector design is best in class with highest measured efficiency and utilizes sun tracking system to collect the solar energy optimally. The troughs has a sealed design with self-cleaning glass developed to withstand extreme weather conditions.


3. The advantages of the technology技术优势

Solar energy is clean, free and unlimited. With Absolicon solar thermal technology we can help industries go sustainable and reduce C02 emission all the way down to net zero.
We will together with our customers find the best solutions to reach their sustainable goals.


4. Application Field应用领域

We can approach any industry that has heating processes at temperatures up to 160 degrees or 8 bar steam -and thereby replace fossil fuels. For applications with higher temperatures we could be an option for pre-heating.
Example of industries are food processing, breweries, pharmaceutical, mining, pulp & paper, textile ……..
Solar collectors can with great advantage generate both heat and solar cooling in district heating networks and for large buildings.


5. Attached document/videos文件/视频

https://vimeo.com/absoliconto our video library, videos can be downloaded at site.
欢迎您到Absolicon视频库(https://vimeo.com/absolicon )下载并观看产品介绍。


6. Contact联系方式

Mobile手机 / WhatsApp: +46 70 576 53 53
Phone电话: +46 611 55 70 00
Address地址: Fiskaregatan 11, 871 33 Härnösand, Sweden
瑞典海讷桑德市Fiskaregatan 11号,邮编:87133