1. Brief introduction of the company

CONFAC, the newest precast concrete company in Denmark, established in 2007, has redesigned concrete manufacturing, and the factory makes precast concrete, at twice the rate of previous production systems, and earning per employee is more than triple the market average.

The unique production facility is dedicated to precast concrete sandwich panels, and it is the only one of its kind in the world.




  1. Brief introduction of the sandwich product and production technology


Precast concrete sandwich panels integrate all expressive, functional and technical requirements into one unit distributed in three layers – exterior climate screen, insulation, and interior loadbearing wall.

In Denmark we build with precast concrete. The methods are thoroughly tried and tested in many years of intensive development. The vast majority of façade systems used in all types of buildings from warehouses to multi-storey housing are made of precast concrete sandwich panels.


CONFAC manufacture precast concrete sandwich panels in a unique hybrid production setup that applies the rotation principle and the stationary principle at the same time.



Combining the to systems benefits from both – the flexibility of the stationary principle with the efficiency of the rotation principle.



  1. The advantages of the sandwich product and production technology


The advantages of CONFAC’s factory-concept compared to traditional production systems are beyond the competitive flexibility and efficiency, that the versatile production layout can be adapted to assimilate tomorrow’s technologies and automation.


The use of precast concrete sandwich panels have inherent advantages:


  • Suitable for all building types
  • 适用于所有形式的建筑
  • Adapt and distribute large static loads
  • 可适用于巨大静荷载
  • Integrate all expressive requirements
  • 符合所有性能要求
  • Conform to all fire – and noise attenuation requirements
  • 符合所有防火隔音要求
  • Robust construction and maintenance friendly
  • 稳固的建筑和方便维护
  • Produced by local raw materials
  • 就地取材
  • Sustainable product
  • 环保产品
  • Shorter onsite construction period
  • 大大节约现场施工周期


  1. Application Field (like residential, offices etc)


Warehouses, institutional buildings, commercial buildings, offices and housing



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